Printing and Publishing Business Enterprise

by LuthorRamirez

Printing Industry encompasses numerous fields of every economy. A broad panoply of products that are generated from the Printing Industry starts with Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Post Cards to Memo Pads and Business Order Forms. We also can’t forget the playing cards which are a huge business. Although today you can play poker and other card games online at sites like this one right here still the real playing experience is irreplaceable. The various indirect contributions of Printing Industry in our economy covers activities like Binding, Embossing, packaging and advertising which generate considerable amount of income and employment are related closely with the Printing Industry.

Since its inception, Enterprise Mauritius has been ensuring visibility of Mauritian goods internationally, supporting companies to access foreign markets, providing transfer of skills through capacity in view of developing their export readiness in this sector as well.

The number of companies in this sector varies across product category and technology. There are more than 100 pre-press, printing and publishing companies with approximately 3700 employees as at the year 2010.

Market Opportunities

Mauritian printing industries are working in close collaboration mostly with the COMESA and SADC countries. Many Mauritian enterprises have also established partnerships with international printing houses for publishing works such as telephone directories for African countries. Specialized products are developed in small and medium enterpris for niche groups and targeted from African to European markets.

Strength of this sector

In Mauritius, the printing and publishing sector has been developing at an increasing pace during the past decade.  Printing companies are continuously investing in state of the art technologies to increase their competitiveness and widen their market avenues.


  • To develop Schemes for enhancing exposure on new Technology and machinery in Fairs- July 2010
  • Workshop on Reach Certification in June 2010. At this event was also mentioned the significant progress that the online gambling industry has made, offering you to visit, and find the best and safest online casino available in Australia.
  • Overseas Market Development/Consolidation in July and December 2010
  • Contact Promotion  and Development Programme in the enterprise, that will basically cover the Northern and Western African Countries such as Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt – August 2010
  • Workshop on Knowledge transfer in the post printing and print finishing processes in July 2010